This was a bug-fix release that primary fixed some problems with Blu-ray creation and Blu-ray disc burning.

Pasting attributes between clips that were retained when sharing was fixed, primarily when pasting color corrections between clips. Also effects from prior versions carried over better. XML imports fixed problems with gap clips, and skimming reliability was improved in the Browser with lots of files.


This was another bug fix version with the addition of introducing new formats with native support. The primary bug fix was a problem with automatic backups, which should have been fixed in the previous version, but didn’t seem to be. The updated was accompanied by the Pro Video Formats 2.0 update that allowed new formats.

There is now native import, editing, and export of MXF files, together with an option to export AVC-Intra MXF, and support for for editing and export of AVC-LongG files. There are fixes of Canon and Sanyo frame rate importing problems and for stabilization and rolling shutter with 240fps media.

In Compressor, though the application was not updated, and no new Apple presets were included, the Pro Video Formats 2.0 update loads a whole collection of custom presets, only some of which are seen here.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 20.14.19


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